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Predestined Books



What if... a happenstance is but a decisive act by the Great Spirit to redirect one to one’s predetermined path?



By challenging the conventional belief that logic governs life, we intend to explore the mystical phenomenon called destiny – to present tales, which on the surface seem too anomalous to be factual.


We are dedicated to provide you with the most thought provoking, yet satisfying and pleasurable reading material to titillate your mind, while touching your hearts and souls.





“Eleven Past Eleven” illustrates the unwavering power of a fated love, endured by two star-crossed lovers, who at last reunite in physical forms, only to realize the bittersweet fact of how timing plays a significant role in their encounter. This tale will rekindle the lingering flame trapped deep inside the hearts of men and women, who at one point in their lives have truly loved someone with such intensity they thought unimaginable, and as a result of which, their lives have since never been the same.

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